The Hearing Loss Association of America Whatcom County Chapter meets at 2600 Lakeway Drive (Christ the Servant Lutheran Church), Bellingham, from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month (unless otherwise noted).  All chapter meetings are captioned and looped.

2020 Program Schedule

January 18

Melanie Cool, MA, LMHC 

Positive Psychology Counselor

Nutrition and Hearing Loss, Is There a Connection?

The wisdom of Positive Psychology. Always focusing on what CAN you do to improve your well-being?  We will explore the connection between nutrition and hearing loss, after all, we really are what we eat!

February 15
March 21

Don't Let Ototoxic Drugs Flip Your World Upside Down

Tracey Demmon, AuD, FAAA

Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Northwest

April 27*

The Doctor is “IN” But We Are “OUT” Without Hearing Access!

Panel Forum: learn, share, problem solve, take action

*Note date change

How to Talk to Your Audiologist

Tina Worman, M.S., Audiologist & Lecturer

University of Washington Medical Center

May 18

Hearing Health Possibilities for Our Great Grandchildren's Children

June 15

Jay Rubinstein, M.D., Ph.D.

University of Washington Medical Center

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! An Update on Aural Rehabilitation for Adults with Hearing Loss

Douglas Sladen, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Western Washington University

July 20
August 17

All Chapter Members and

Guests are Welcome!

Summer Potluck --  Fun, Feast, and Fellowship

Time:  11 am to 2 pm    Place:  TBD

September 21

Celebrating Our 15th Year!

A Kaleidoscope of the Past and Hope for the Future

Bert Lederer & Charlene MacKenzie

Chapter Co-Founders

October 19

Beyond Hearing Aids: Cochlear Implant Panel

Nicole Brent, Engagement Manager, Cochlear Americas

Bert Lederer, Cochlear Community Volunteer

Hearing Loss and Dementia: Is This An Opportunity To Promote Hearing Health In The United States?

November 16

Douglas Backous, M.D.


December 14

Holiday Potluck - Celebrating The Season Together

All Chapter Members and

Guests are Welcome!

Tinnitus 101:  The Basics and Beyond!

Neil Bauman, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Center for Hearing Loss Help