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Who Let The Dogs Out?!

Our Chapter is lucky to have several Hearing Dogs who work hard to aid their human chapter member. 


HD LOLA from Dogs for Better Lives helps her mom, Charlene MacKensie, "steer her boat".  Way to go Lola!



HD DUDE from Canine Companions for Independence helps his mom, Tanya Griffey, at work. Totally awesome, Dude!

dude at po.JPG

Maxwell Smart

Our member Barbara Oliver with her Hearing Dog in Training, Maxwell Smart, aka Max. 


HD WARREN from Dogs for Better Lives was Bert Lederer's "right hand man" and a participating member of the chapter for 11 years, from 2005 until he went to Doggie Heaven in 2016.

Bert and Warren.JPG


HD Murphy from Dogs for Better Lives is Sheri Apt's "ears".  Alert on Murphy!

sheri and murphy.JPG


Our member Pam Spencer with her Hearing Dog in Training, Kona.

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