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Note: Our chapter does not approve nor disapprove any website link information posted here.  Such links serve only to provide information.

If you find a link that isn't working any more, please contact Webmaster@hearingloss-whatcom.org.
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Hearing Loss Basics
Basic and general information, both text and video, from the Hearing Loss Association of America.   LINK   


Hearing Loss Association of America  LINK 
"The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss." The original name was Self Help for Hard of Hearing  (SHHH). Among other membership benefits is the bi-monthly "Hearing Loss Journal."
HLAA suggested links:  LINK 

Hearing Loss Association of America Washington State Association  LINK 
HLAA-WA suggested resources:  LINK 
HLAA-WA Quarterly Newsletter, “SOUND WAVES”   LINK  
“Sound Waves” is $10/year, and is a treasure trove of current information about hearing loss in Washington State and across the country.
Three-Time Award-Winning State Newsletter!

The Washington State Communication Access Project (Wash-CAP)    LINK  
A non-profit organization dedicated to enabling persons who are hard of hearing to fully enjoy public venues by being able to have spoken words typed in real time and displayed so all can read them.
The site is still under construction as of 6/2013, but it is very much worth a look. In particular, check out the "Definitions" page:    LINK  

The International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH)   LINK
An international, non-governmental organization, representing the interests of more than 300 million hard of hearing people world wide. Journal: LINK   White Papers: LINK  


The Western Washington University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic  LINK 
Comprehensive service programs for diagnosis and therapy in language, speech and hearing for adults, adolescents, young children, and infants are provided. Services are provided by students in training, closely supervised by certified and state licensed Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists from the faculty and staff. My Firefox browser doesn't render this site well, but Internet Explorer works.

Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center   LINK 
Joel Bergsbaken of the North Sound office here in Bellingham, WA, has presented programs for our chapter a number of times.

Brigadoon Youth and Service Dog Programs  LINK 
"With the help of our youth programs, we train dogs to provide assistance to veterans, children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities." (Bellingham, WA)

Summit Assistance Dogs  LINK 
"Summit Assistance Dogs is changing lives four paws at a time. We provide highly skilled mobility, hearing and professional therapy dogs for people living with disabilities." (Anacortes, WA)

Dogs for the Deaf  LINK 
"Rescuing homeless dogs and professionally training them to enhance lives is what Dogs for the Deaf is all about." (Oregon)
Several of our members are blessed with Dogs for the Deaf dogs.

New Leash on Life   Email leash_on_life@yahoo.com or call 360-457-5860
Service Dogs for People with Disabilities
New Leash on Life trains your dog or rescues a dog for you from a shelter for training as a Hearing Dog to alert deaf and hard of hearing people to a variety of common sounds and potential danger, Mobility Dog for bracing, retrieving and other tasks, or a Special Service Dog for tasks such as alerting to oncoming seizures, companionship for those with special needs, and assistance with other functions.
New Leash’s owner and Chief Trainer, Cheryl Bowers, has been training Service Dogs since 1999. Cheryl is an American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator and member of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP).

Regal Barkley Village 16 IMAX & RPX LINK  
The new Barkley Village complex has captioned showings for all movies using glasses that show captions individually. The buzz is good! If you have been avoiding seeing movies, try it once here. Captioning available in large part because of the efforts of Wash-CAP (see under 'Related Organizations' above).