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Hospital Kits

HOSPITAL KITS – Now Available!

Ready-made hearing support is ours for the asking whenever we find ourselves in a health care facility – possibly the hospital, a surgery or rehabilitation center, or a nursing home. It’s so important that those who care for us understand our hearing needs -- especially if we are receiving health care. The medical staff need help, too -- from us! Our being able to respond to questions, follow directions, understand medical procedures and medication directions – all are critical.

Some of us may have a hearing loss which we really haven’t addressed yet. Others of us value the help we might need even more because we use hearing devices like hearing aids or cochlear implant processors. Even help changing hearing device batteries can be very welcome at times.

The Hospital Kit is a great solution. In this see-thru, zippered, plastic bag is a treasure of support to benefit us:

  • 'So You and Your Hearing Loss are Going to the Hospital' brochure. (To be read before any planned hospitalization.)

  • International Symbol Placard: Place on wall over bed (one side for the hard of hearing, the other for the Deaf); two removable poster strips (no damage to walls.)

  • International Symbol of Hearing Loss stickers to be used for hospital charts.

  • 'FACE ME' badge: Pin on gown or pillow.

  • Communication Tip Cards: Give to physician and staff.

  • Special Needs Cards: Give one at patient check-in; extras for later, if needed.

  • Small Plastic Bag: To hold hearing aid(s) and/or cochlear implant processor(s), batteries.

  • Note Pad and Pen: Keep handy for communicating and verifying important information.

If you do use hearing aids of any kind, be sure that someone close to you knows how to handle, insert, work and care for your hearing devices as well as replace batteries; you may need that kind of support. Plan ahead!

Please contact our chapter for more detailed information or if you or someone you care about is planning to enter a health care facility in order to secure this important hearing help kit.

Contact: charmackenzie at comcast net or 360 738-3756 (Link: SendEmail)  

We have a small supply of these Hospital Kits from the Washington State Hearing Loss Association (HLA-WA) for $10 each.

CM: July 2013.