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Fall 2011 ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer  
   Community Shopping Days report; Hospital Kits; Telecoils;
   "Gardens of Silence," a poem by Joyce Moseley-Sweeney
   Other great articles

Summer 2011
ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer   
   8/13/2011 State HLA Conference info
   8/20/2011 Community Food Co-op Community Shopping Day for HLA-WC info
   September Silent Auction info
   Other great articles

Spring 2011  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer   
   List of Positions and Volunteers
   List of Websites with Information on Hearing Loss
   Other great articles  

2010  Winter  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer    
2010  Fall  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer    
2010  Summer  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer    
2010  Spring  (Not available at this time)

2009  Winter  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer        
2009  Summer ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer     

2008  Winter  (Not available at this time)     
2008  Fall  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer  
2008  Summer  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer   
2008  Spring  ViewInGoogleDocs   ViewInBroswer